Christmas Holiday Party Pianist

Cheri Sykes


Set a festive mood for your party, with hours of jazzy Christmas piano stylings. Should a carol sing arise, Cheri can provide song sheets and ably lead the songbirds.  

Cheri easily improvises, welcomes requests, can play most anything by ear, and even transpose on the fly should a vocalist appear. If necessary, she furnish her own digital piano, plus microphone and sound for karaoke ($50 charge).  

December is the busiest month, from house parties to corporate events, to seniors residences, on through New Year’s Eve. Cheri is a veteran of playing holiday gatherings large and small. Smooth professionalism and satisfaction guaranteed! 

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Absolutely the best (Christmas singalong) ever -- thanks to your usual brilliance, flexibility, and energy and so many more singers this year -- who sang well and enthusiastically. You were exceptional as always, and it was so great of you to just go with the flow. Look forward to next year!