Piano Parenting: Set Your Child Up For Success!

Friday December 4, 2020
Cheri Sykes

Dear Piano Parent:

Naturally, you want your student to enjoy piano.  You want piano lessons to be a success.   You understand the need for daily, consistent practice in order to develop skills, and your role in making that happen.

However, you worry that, by enforcing the expectation of daily practice, your child will chafe, rebel, and come to hate piano.

My thought is:  Only with consistent practice can your student experience the satisfaction and fun of playing music!  The better you play, the more fun it is.  If your student does not experience success, frustration and discouragement are the result.

Much can be said about effective practice, setting incentives, and such, but the first object is to set a daily, consistent practice routine.  This is your job as piano parent.  Don’t be afraid to take the mantle!

Let’s set your student up for success!

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