Piano Lessons for Teens

Cheri Sykes

Is your teen stuck at home during the pandemic? Now is a perfect time to learn piano! Online lessons are surprisingly effective. All you need is a keyboard and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Register for a free trial lesson at https://cherisykes.com/lesson-registration/

Teens are some of the busiest of us all! They want to be musicians, but find practice time is a challenge.

At Sykes Piano Studio in Osseo, our piano lessons for teens work with that reality, while laying foundations for a lifetime of music-making.

We teach “smart practice” to optimize their home “on the bench” time.

We often use favorite pop songs to apply music theory through chord progressions and scales, learn improvisation, develop stylistic versatility, read lead sheets, and develop a musical ear.

Our goal is to help teens discover and pursue their own musical identity, exposing them to various musical styles and repertoire, plus the myriad of options as keyboard musicians, especially in the age of technology. Keyboard is the most versatile instrument around!

Amelia’s original song, recorded on Garageband:

Knowing that peer learning is important, we offer four group studio classes during the year, an opportunity to share, learn, and perform together. Two larger outside performing experiences are also offered during the year.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great recital experience. S. was very nervous, but ecstatic on the way home. She was bubbling over with enthusiasm for music again. Thank you so much for the gift you are giving her!”

Our cutting-edge, contemporary approach is designed for your teen to tool-up for a lifetime of music-making.

You’re invited for a free get-acquainted session. Register here to calendar your no-obligation, no fee appointment time. We are convenient to Maple Grove, Champlin, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park, and, of course, Osseo.

“I love that you have expertise with both classical and jazz/improv styles and are so willing to work with S. (and your other students) on what most interests her. I loved the recital; it was great to hear so many styles of music performed.”

“La Caroline” (classical piece by CPE Bach), performed by Katie:

“I am absolutely staggered by how much K. has learned in these years with you—especially in her lead sheet reading and worship music skills. I would have never dreamed that she would be playing with our adult worship team at 13 years of age.”

“The ear-training computer programs have helped me excel in my choir class. I can really understand what I need to be singing.”

“A. graduates from the U of M School of Music this month with High Honors and you were a large part of that. Thank you so much.”


Visit Facebook/Sykes Piano StudioLLC for stories of positive musical experiences by our students.