Kids Piano Lessons

Cheri Sykes

Stuck at home during the pandemic? Now is a perfect time for your child to learn piano! Online lessons are surprisingly effective. All you need is a keyboard and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

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At Sykes Piano Studio in Osseo, MN, our piano lessons for kids often begin with book-less improvisations and cool rote piano pieces reinforced via online videos. Games and manipulative tools make learning the musical language fun. When ready, we launch into reading.Scales and chords, the building blocks of music, are soon introduced. Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite pop songs, which help teach music theory, ear-training, rhythm, ensemble playing, improvisation, and more. Not to mention that pop songs are fun, excellent practice motivators! Technology brings excitement, enjoyment, and enhanced learning in today’s piano studies—we make the most of it with backing tracks, YouTube videos, learning apps on iPad, Garageband, and multi-track recording. We offer two annual recitals, plus frequent group-learning experiences for informal solo and ensemble performing experiences, musical community building, and special topics.

Kids look forward to meeting with their new piano friends! Students have the option to participate in challenge opportunities sponsored by Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA). Our goal is to equip your student for a lifetime love of music-making. We help you discover your own unique musical path! Eventually your student mayaccompany a choir, play in a band, compose and record on home computer, lead family holiday singalongs, lead in worship, or simply play for one’s enjoyment.While not everyone will become a professional musician, piano lessons enable you to richly enjoy music-making in many ways throughout a lifetime.

The piano keyboard is the primary gateway instrument to music.

Visit Facebook/Sykes Piano Studio for stories of positive musical experiences by our students. You’re invited for a free get-acquainted session at Sykes Piano Studio in Osseo. Our studio also draws from Maple Grove, Champlin, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park.

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“A. before studio class: “Do I hafta go? I don’t want to.” A. after studio class: “That was fun! I wonder when we get to do it again” He had a good time.”


“Tonight, Tonight,” pop song recorded by Nicholas on Garageband:


“Up On the Housetop”, recorded by Andrew on Garageband, original arrangement by Cheri:


“Her knowledge of piano technique/styles, as well as her ability to teach the material geared to the individual taking the lesson, makes her worth both the price of the lesson and the travel time it takes us to get to her studio.”

"A. is certainly enjoying his lessons and, I think, playing musically which is so cool because I know how hard that is to teach."