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Now is a perfect time for your child to learn piano! Online lessons are surprisingly effective, and the wave of the future. All you need is a keyboard and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone!

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At Sykes Piano Studio in Brooklyn Park, MN, our goal is to equip your student for a lifetime of music-making. We help you discover your own unique musical path!  Your student will gain versatile skills to thrive in any number of future musical settings.

While not everyone will become a professional musician, piano lessons enable you to deeply enrich your life through music-making throughout the decades.  What an investment!

Piano lessons for kids ages 8+ often begin with cool no-book piano pieces reinforced via online videos. Online interactive tools make learning the musical language playful. When ready, we launch into reading. Scales and chords, the building blocks of music, are soon introduced. 

Students are encouraged to bring in their favorite pop songs, which help teach music theory, ear-training, rhythm, ensemble playing, improvisation, and more. Not to mention that pop songs are excellent practice motivators!

With online lessons, obviously we make the most of today’s exciting technology. We utilize backing tracks that sound like a rock band or a movie soundtrack, plus educational YouTube videos, learning apps on iPad, and multi-track recording. We offer one annual recital.  Students have the option to participate in challenge opportunities sponsored by Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA).


Here is Lindsey, playing “Mashed Potato Clouds” by Diane Hidy, Lindsey’s performance piece for the MMTA’s 2021 Piano Contest.


Visit YouTube/SykesPianoStudio for more student performances.

Visit Facebook/Sykes Piano Studio for stories of positive musical experiences by our students. You’re invited for a free online or in-person get-acquainted session at Sykes Piano Studio. Our studio draws from Maple Grove, Champlin, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park.

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“Tonight, Tonight,” pop song recorded by Nicholas on Garageband:


“Up On the Housetop”, recorded by Andrew on Garageband, original arrangement by Cheri:


The piano keyboard is the primary gateway instrument  to all things music! Introduce your child to music-making–one of life’s greatest pleasures!


"A. is certainly enjoying his lessons and, I think, playing musically which is so cool because I know how hard that is to teach." A.H.