Piano Lessons for Adults

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Have you always wanted to learn piano?  We specialize in piano lessons for adults!

Lessons are available online or in-person, or in combination.  Online lessons are here to stay:  effective. and offering unique and convenient benefits.  Perfect for busy adults! All you need is a keyboard and your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  

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Maybe you took lessons as a kid, but now you want to play your music:  your favorite pop song, show tunes, or jazz standards.

Maybe you’ve always wanted skills to play in a garage rock band!

Maybe you’d like to learn improvisation and jazz, getting away from note-reading to learn to read a lead sheet.

Maybe you’d like to learn to compose your own music.  Or finally understand music theory.

Maybe you are seeking a relaxing, enjoyable hobby while getting good cerebral workout (studies show that learning piano is good for your brain!).

Now’s the time!  We specialize in piano lessons for adults!

Bill rehearsing his original pop song, "Poster Child"

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Preparing for the recital


Relaxed, fun lessons can be geared to your pace, as a busy adult, and your schedule.  How about lunch-hour lessons, early morning,  or weekends?  Lessons can be every two weeks, once a month, or weekly.

We are convenient  to Maple Grove, Champlin, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park. Contact us for your no-obligation, no fee trial lesson.

It’s time for your music!  Go for it!


“Tonight I had a breakthrough at my piano lesson. . . . . A door was opened, and I get the treasure inside the room. I think they call it applied learning? All I know is that again, Cheri helped me become a better musician.  I so enjoy my studies with her. Thanks Cheri!!!” J.L.