Piano Lessons near Maple Grove

Specializing in Popular Styles

Sykes Piano Studio is located in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our specialty is popular piano:  rock, jazz, and blues styles. Learn chord theory and improvisation, plus stylistic tips to make you sound like the pros.  Music theory is strongly emphasized; pop songs offer practical applications of music theory.  

Beginners and intermediate students, ages 12 through adult, are welcome. You will receive a solid grounding in all the basics and beyond. 

Become a keyboardist capable to thriving in a variety of settings: church band or neighborhood rock band, choir accompanist, family song leader, club jazz combo, composer via your computer. Or play simply for your own personal enjoyment.  

Local students hail from Maple Grove, Champlin, Osseo, Brooklyn Center, and Brooklyn Park.  However, with the option of online piano lessons, Cheri’s instruction is available to students around the globe!

Sykes Piano Studio offers annual recitals, plus opportunities to participate in contests and achievement exams  sponsored by Minnesota Music Teachers Association.


The one and only Erich, 9, interprets Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire.”  

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Piano study is an unsurpassed path to musical understanding:  harmony, melody, rhythm, both bass clef and treble clef—the whole package! Learning is multi-sensory: tactile, visual, and aural.

Lessons are custom-tailored to YOU–Your learning style, Your musical personality, Your musical gift. If you don’t yet know your musical personality and gift, we help you discover it.


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Because of her stylistic versatility and cutting-edge approach, Cheri is able to take you where YOU want to go!


"My daughters and I have been taking lessons with Cheri for almost six years and are amazed at both the breadth and the depth of her ability.The things she has taught us have ranged from classical fare to jazz, improvisation skills (in a variety of musical styles), theory and ear training and lead sheet reading. We have participated in the MMTA contests and both my daughters have received ‘high distinction’ as their result.Cheri has been worth every penny that our lessons cost, and the travel time it takes us to get to her studio.”  M.E.