Recording fun!

Sykes Piano Studio became a recording studio this week, as friend and Klondike Kate Shar Salisbury, with Cheri on piano, recorded and videoed “Swinging’ Away the Blues.”   The video will part of an online fundraiser for the Angel Foundation #notesofhopevirtualangelfoundation, raising funds for adult cancer victims and their families,

Zoom Carol Sing–This is something new!

Well, I’ve never done this before! The Coffee Ladies did not want to miss their annual Christmas Carol Sing, so  I played and sang, while each of them, on mute, sang from their respective living rooms!  Okay then!  It was great to see all their smiling faces.  We’re hoping to do this again in-person in … Continue reading “Zoom Carol Sing–This is something new!”

Give the Gift of Piano Lessons!

This year give the gift of music! Four 30-minute online piano lessons for $75 (usual rate is $115). All you need is a keyboard and your tablet, phone, or laptop. Learn your favorite song. Chording, note-reading, improvisation. This is a perfect time to learn! Go for it!  Go to Register Now! on this website.

Piano Parenting: Set Your Child Up For Success!

Dear Piano Parent: Naturally, you want your student to enjoy piano.  You want piano lessons to be a success.   You understand the need for daily, consistent practice in order to develop skills, and your role in making that happen. However, you worry that, by enforcing the expectation of daily practice, your child will chafe, … Continue reading “Piano Parenting: Set Your Child Up For Success!”

Interpretive Dance!

Flashback from last June’s video recital: Henrik, dressed as a porg from Star Wars. broke everybody up as he provided interpretive dance to brother Erich’s recital piece.


Standard equipment when you are teaching online: an overhead webcam, screen-shared on Zoom. Students can see how it is played. I can also easily record a video and send to you! The beauty of technology….

Hana’s Boogie Woogie Mashup

Hana is preparing a Boogie Woogie mashup for our upcoming virtual recital. We’ve been touring through various blues/boogie boogie styles all year. Here’s her cover art for her medley!

How Long Should My Child Take Piano Lessons?

By enrolling your student, you are indicating a desire that your child be a PLAYER and not simply a LISTENER of music.  Great choice!  Piano brings a lifetime of enrichment.  Playing music is one of the great joys of being alive. However, learning this skill is JOURNEY that takes years.  In this age of instant … Continue reading “How Long Should My Child Take Piano Lessons?”

MMTA Winners!

Our two MMTA Contest Preliminaries winners, Kaylyn and Lindsey! Both prepared and memorized a special piece to play before a judge, and both scored high, now being eligible for performing at Finals in March. Winners from that event play at the MMTA Honors concert in June. Way to work hard and make it happen, girls!

“On Tour”

“On tour” this week with Westwood Middle School show choir, performing for four elementary and one middle school. A chance to use hip hop and pop synth. The excellent Luke Rivard on drums. A super-fun annual gig.

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